Seaport Airlines Cessna 208

Hello IFC!
Today I bring to you idea/request for a small US based airline known as Seaport Airlines.

Infomation about the airlineSeaport Airlines Commenced operations on June 5 2008 and with it’s headquarters located at the Portland International Airport in Portland Oregon Seaport Airlines had in it’d fleet Pilatus PC-12s and Cessna 208 Caravans and with a strong route network of 7 local routes all around the Pacific Northwest with secondary route networks in the Midwestern United States in with their hub in Memphis Tennessee Seaport flew local flights around the state of Tennessee and the midwestern region and also had a hub in San Diego California to host it’s South Western route division with destinations in SoCal and Mexico. Sadly on September 20th 2016 the company went out of business. Credits: Found on Jetphotos
Taken by Ian Nightingale

Why I think we should have this

It would be nice to have more regional GA airlines and we can explore new and amazing airports we otherwise would’ve thought to fly to and I personally think that we need more GA airlines because we have so many big well known airlines and I think it would also make the sim more enjoyable because you could fly more airlines in planes you wouldn’t think you’d have flown that often so if you would like to see this in game please vote and if not that is ok to
I have left the Wikipedia pages of Seaport Airlines if you would like to learn more about it and I have left the Wikipedia page of the Cessna 208 Caravan if you would like to learn more about the aircraft itself

Thanks for taking the time to read my topic!🙂
PS: Don’t be scared to let me know if this is a duplicate topic I looked it up and couldn’t find anything on it