Seaplanes in Ketchikan Alaska

Here is a photo of a sea plane taking off at a ship port in Ketchikan Alaska.


You’re in Alaska?

I love watching seaplanes, they’re amazing.

Nope, from Minnesota. This was from a vacation to Alaska on a cruise ship.

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That’s what I meant, it’s my fault I worded it weird.

Glad you’re visiting Alaska. I’m going a second time next summer, it’s beautiful there.

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Seaplanes are just a cool invention in general, seeing them in real life is way better! Nice shot!

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Great spot, but I don’t believe this follows the guidelines for the Spotting category. One of the rules is that the registration must be clearly readable. My apologies.

I think this is fine, it’s not as clear as it could be but it’s a pretty good shot nonetheless, I think it should stay but I don’t have the final decision on that.

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