Seaplane Crash - Hawkesbury River, New South Wales Australia

Don’t know if you may or may not have seen but they as been a plane crash in the Hawkesbury River in Australia 6 people have died and a local media has reported 4 British people have died in the crash. It was 1 pilot and 5 passengers. It is believed they were there for the New Years celebrations.

What do you think the cause could be?

Source can be found here: Sydney seaplane: Six dead as aircraft crashes in river - BBC News

As it is an unfortunate truth that there are many small aviation incidences on a daily basis. We ask that you refrain from posting about these on the forum. This is due to the volume of topics we would otherwise get that would clog up the forum and dilute productive discussion of other topics.

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All of the Aussies know about this, it’s been breaking news all afternoon. @anon1277151 will be on the scene.

I feel like this may not fit into that category

It was a pretty old aircraft too, I must say.


The thing is this isn’t a small aviation incident though. It may be a small plane. But it is on the news. People have died through this so.
Also if your going to copy something from someone else. Put it in quotation marks or write it out yourself.


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It is such a tragedy. Condolences to the family. Many lives touched by this tragic event.

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I don’t see what he was copying…

Anyways, it’s unfortunate to hear this. I’m sure they’ll figure out the cause soon.

@anon31652286 yea that’s a pretty old ac


And This happend just a day after the talked about 2017 beeing the safest aviation year since 1927 on the news here where I live. Not sure if they count This accident or if it is too small. Either way its really sad that it happend.


My point is, even some pretty major crashes have been closed because we simply don’t talk about aviation crashes into very much detail here. That being said, Max does place a weekly safety report, and I’m sure this will show up on the list.

Regarding whether this is a small crash, no it isn’t. But you have to understand why, and the topic writer outlined this. 4 Brits died in an Australian plane crash. If the same crash was to occur without people from other nations, it’s very possible that it wouldn’t receive as much publicity. I can’t really say much more about the topic, as I am from India and the US. India doesn’t cover aviation incidents and in the US, what I just talked about would occur. My condolences are with the families to all those onboard who died.

It is going to be a pain especially for the family, if the usual procedures are followed, we will have de havilland as they were the manufacturer, AAIB for the unfortunate loss of the 4 British passengers and the ATSB because the aircraft was Aussie owned and registered as well as one Aussie and the Aussie pilot. This is a unfortunate incident, and before anyone asks I will NOT be posting photos as it I should currently a NO Photography zone and will remain that way until the investigators arrive


The aircraft had taken off only 2 minutes earlier from up the river at cottage point, unfortanently we can’t do anything until a navy salvage submersible is brought in.


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