Seanhickey465’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread
I’m training to become an Ifatc controller but don’t feel like I’m ready yet, so why don’t you hop on a test me out! Mostly Irish airports will be open as that what I’m familiar with.
Airport Charts will be linked below before opening.

Gatwick International


Training Server

EGKK 131420Z 19014KT 9999 BKN015 09/07 Q1005

I hope to see you come in and test my skills! Feedback is appreciated.

Sean Hickey

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[OPEN] 14:53z


[Expected Closure] 15:35

10 Minutes untill closure!

[ATC CLOSED] 15:59z

Thank you to the pilots that came out and did a few paterns, feel free to give feedback here or drop me a pm!

Everything smooth until you forgot to call my base, apart from that, good job

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Noted, thanks for turning up!

EIDW [13:34z]


CLOSED [14:43]
Thanks to the pilots that came out!

Your title still says open…

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Oh lordy, thanks I totally forgot! ;)

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It happens to all of us.

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Ooh, Dublin! I’ll try to be there! Edit: never mind, it’s closed. I probably should read the title.

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I always open mainly irish airports… Maybe EINN next?

Cool! I’d love EIWT for some GA

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Closed, thanks to all that came out!