Sean_Green’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Just got back to it. It’s been a while I have been away due to work obligations.

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SCHEDULED : 170417APR19 to 170517APR19
Ground and Tower available
RWYS : 08L and 08R
No aircraft restrictions in effect
Looking for pattern work and inbound/transitioning aircraft.


Airport Diagram


Please route feedback through:
Recruiter: @GHamsz
Trainer: @JoshFly8

Hi I advise you not to open more ATC topics.

My old one was more then 90 days old with out a reply. I was unable to keep up with it due to work obligations so I had to create a new one because I could not change the topic title. Thank you though.

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ok no problem, as I live not far from LFPG, I would come to make some models.

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Soooo it’s open?

I’m here but the weather just came down. There is a TEMPO line calling for 100 ft ceilings of fog

Closing early for weather

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