Seado’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ RKSI

Welcome to my tracking thread, here I’ll be working my hardest to improve my ground and tower controls to maybe join IFATC at some point. If you do drop by, don’t be shy to give me some feedback on what I need to improve on :)
Server: Training
NOTAMS: Please file a flight plan prior to contacting ATC if you aren’t doing pattern work

I won be able to come to yours today feel free to tag me when your open again.

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No worries man will do :)

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Here’s the feedback from VT-ALX.

  • Transition Altitude should be at or above 3000’, not 3500’.
  • When aircraft calls inbound or requests a runway change, you must give a pattern entry (along with sequence if necessary) and then the Clearance with the traffic direction (left/right traffic). It should have been ‘VT-ALX enter right downwind runway 16’ and then ‘Cleared for the option, after the option make right/left traffic.’
    You shouldn’t directly issue the Clearance.

That’s all for now!
Keep practicing and also go thoroughly through the IFATC Manual. Good Luck!


Hello I was N17EE , heres your feedback for today. ( Last minute switch , I didnt like the route I was doing before , so I decided to come here :) )

[23:41:00Z] - Transition should of been 3,000 instead of 2,000. To calculate your transition you do the Airport’s Elevation in which this case it’s 22 feet then you add 2,500 which equals to 2,522 then route it to the nearest 500 which would be 3,000.

[23:45:35Z] - When I requested inbound for touch and go remember that I need an pattern entry first , then an clearance . Here’s what should of happened . I should of be given " N17EE enter left base runway 16 , then you can clear N17EE runway 16 cleared for the option , after the option make right traffic.

[23:48:45Z] - Same here for VT-ALX he should be given an pattern entry since you were using Runway 16 at the time , he should of been given VT-ALX enter right* downwind runway 16 , then you can clear him VT-ALX , number 1 runway 16 cleared for the option after the option make right traffic.

[23:50:00Z] - For runway changes they’re the same aswell , you need to give me an pattern entry so for me it would be N17EE enter right downwind Runway 15R , then you can clear me with N17EE number 1 runway 15R cleared for the option after the option make right traffic . You usually if they are parallel want to do Left runways make left traffic and Right runways make right traffic to make it simpler.

[23:53:56Z] - Exit runway command was late , for theses you should give them below 70 knots .

Summary - In all I will leave some resources below to help for theses aswell . Your journey to IFATC is bright .


  • ATC Manual - 3.3 Inbounds - This will help you with your patterns , sequencing , clearing , runway changes and more.

  • ATC Manual - 3.4 - Pattern Work - This will help you in many things about the patterns including the altitudes and more.

  • ATC Manual - 3.5 - Exit Runway / Go Around - This will help you with the commands and what to do in case of go arounds.

  • The Perfect ATC Test - This will really help you with your skills and any confusion you have about pattern work , its helped me aswell and many others !

  • Common Mistakes : How to Fix Them ! - I always mostly link this one because first its helped me understand more about theses situations and its helpful and will help you as the title is Common Mistakes.

Thats really it for now I advise you to use thoses resources to your advantage , have an nice rest of your day.


Right downwind is the appropriate pattern entry considering VT-ALX’s position. :)

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Looks like I may have scrolled down too much when I was looking in replay , thanks for the correction I will change it.

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Wow thx a lot very helpful

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All good besides the runway exits, aim for 60-70kts.

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Yeah if you’re who i think you are i just didnt know you weren’t doing another touch and go so I wasn’t as attentive as I should’ve been lol thx for the help

If you ever want to practice with Approach I can come

I’m honestly not sure if i want to train for approach quite yet i think i wanna get tower and ground down first

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NO problemunless you want to after 28JAN

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Not sure i might tho

Are you still open? I may stop by

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Just closed

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