Sea-Tac Flyout | Sponsored by Alaska Virtual @KSEA - 222130ZFEB19

Seattle-Tacoma Flyout


About Seattle-Tacoma Airport:

Event Details:

Server - Expert Server
Departure Time - 2019-02-22T21:30:00Z
@ Seattle-Tacoma International Airport [KSEA]

This flyout is only for Alaska Airline routes.


Albuquerque, Anchorage, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bellingham, Billings, Boise, Boston, Bozeman, Burbank, Calgary, Charleston (SC), Chicago–O’Hare, Columbus–Glenn (begins March 7, 2019),[28]Dallas/Fort Worth, Dallas–Love, Denver, Detroit, Edmonton, Eugene, El Paso (begins February 19, 2019),[29] Fairbanks, Fort Lauderdale, Fresno, Great Falls, Helena, Honolulu, Houston–Intercontinental, Indianapolis, Juneau, Kahului, Kailua–Kona, Kalispell, Kelowna, Kansas City, Ketchikan, Las Vegas, Lihue, Los Angeles, Medford, Milwaukee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Missoula, Nashville, New Orleans, New York–JFK, Newark, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Ontario, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Pittsburgh, Portland (OR), Pullman, Raleigh/Durham, Redmond/Bend, Reno/Tahoe, Sacramento, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose (CA), San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, Sitka, Sun Valley, Spokane, Tampa, Tri-Cities (WA), Tucson, Vancouver, Victoria, Walla Walla, Washington–Dulles, Washington–National, Wenatchee, Wichita, Yakima
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Boeing 737-800/900
Airbus A320
Crj 700
Bombardier Q400

Please check aircraft used on route selected. Recommended website:

Gate Assignments:

Concourse C (FULL)
  • Gate C03: @Joseph007 to Albuquerque | 737-900 [ASVA076]
  • Gate C09: @bdreslin02 to Minneapolis-Saint Paul | 737-900 [ASVA013]
  • Gate C11: @esant_15 to San Francisco | 737-900 [Alaska 368]
  • Gate C15: @CaptDan to Chicago (O’Hare) | 737-900 [ASVA015]
  • Gate C17: @BadPlane to Austin | 737-900 [TFC-023]
  • Gate C18: @anon11948201 to Vancouver | Q400 [ASVA066]
  • Gate C20: @zand3r to Boston | 737-900 [ASA24? Alaska 24?]
Concourse D (5 Gates Left)
  • Gate D01: @BigBert10 to San Jose | 737-900 [TFC-010]
  • Gate D02: @Dylan_M to Sacramento | 737-800 [ASVA052]
  • Gate D03: @AIDAN101 to ??? | 737-900 [Speedcat]
  • Gate D04: @elovelin to John Wayne Airport [ASVA096]
  • Gate D05: @Brad to Tampa | 737-900 [Alaska 770]
  • Gate D07:
  • Gate D08:
  • Gate D09:
  • Gate D10:
  • Gate D11:
North Satellite
  • Gate N01:
  • Gate N02: @JeromeJ to Washington DC (DCA) | 737-800
  • Gate N03:
  • Gate N04:
  • Gate N06:
  • Gate N07:
  • Gate N08:
  • Gate N09:
  • Gate N09A:
  • Gate N10:
  • Gate N11:
  • Gate 12A: @Rick_Mahoney to Wenatchee | Q400
  • Gate 12B:
  • Gate 12C:
  • Gate 12D:
  • Gate 12E:
  • Gate N14:
  • Gate N15:
  • Gate N16:
Concourse B
  • Gate B9:
  • Gate B11:
South Satellite
  • Gate S01:
  • Gate S01A:
  • Gate S02:
  • Gate S03:
  • Gate S04:
  • Gate S05:
  • Gate S06:
  • Gate S07:
  • Gate S08:
  • Gate S09:
  • Gate S10:
  • Gate S11:
  • Gate S12:
  • Gate S15:
  • Gate S16:

Please use unicom wisely and be professional. If there is ATC listen and follow all instructions given.

I Hope To See You Fly The Seattle Skies With Us!

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Can I take any gate in a Alaska B737-900? I’m going to KBOS, call sign ASVA076!

Looking forward to this!

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Ok. You’re signed up! Thanks! @Joseph007


I’ll take any gate - A320 to KMSP. Callsign ASVA013. Thanks Dan!

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No problem. Thanks for signing up!

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I’ll take any Alaska gate to KSFO in the 737-900, callsign Alaska 368.

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Thanks for signing up!

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All gate requests will be in concourse C if not asked for specific one

give me a c gate to lax 737-900 more to love

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Change to Austin

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Ok. Thanks for signing up!

ASVA066 any gate Q400 to Vancouver

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Ok. Thanks for signing up!

Don’t remember if I joined any event on this date, so I’ll take a gate to San Jose

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Any gate.


Ok! Thanks what is your callsign and aircraft

Ok! Thanks for joining! Your all set

TFC-010, B739 will be the callsign and aircraft

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Ok thanks a lot! Your all set

I’ll take a A320 to KLAX as ASVA052, thanks!

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