Sea surface reflection

Does anyone remember how the sea surface looked like before the Global? I have to admit I was very disappointed after the first flight when I realized that there was no longer sea (water) surface reflection. Ok, now we have Moon and Stars, but the moonlight is the best if you can see it in the sea. So, this is not request for something new, this is request for something what we had, but lost with last update.

On left side is what we have now, on right side is what we had before Global.
Credit for photo goes to my ability to press two buttons on iPad at the same time😀

This would be interesting. Especially for a landing into SFO! Probably not a MUST at the moment, but something that would be interesting to see. Make sure to vote on it if you want it! :)


I miss this too but I’m sure they’ll add it back soon. :)


It had to be removed, since all the terrain pre-global was hand-made, it would take alot of work to do this and would require the removal of some pieces of terrain such as beaches and small island, and we would not be able to have the different cioulor blends in the ocean.

Hopefully the devs will be able to implement glare off the sea using the new imagery. It looked so beautiful, and now that a lot of our flights are over oceans this would be even more appreciated.

I mean, it still looks better than before IMO. Being in the Caribbean actually feels like you’re in the Caribbean, and I didn’t get that feeling before.

If they find a way to make the water animated with the satellite imagery, it would be marvelous.


Agreed, the water colour adds a perspective of realism that wasn’t there before, even if aspects like waves and sense of motion are temporarily not there.

The original water effect will be back no doubt, just a matter of time


yeah they had to remove a few minor things to transition to global features such as terrain/terrain warning im sure they will add these things back soon.

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i think it could get quite difficult on the coast lines to get a smooth transition to the land area, also when you add this high water quality back you have to do it everywhere in my opinion and im not sure how well that would work for rivers or around small islands

I completely agree. for example, when you are in a short finish in San Francisco, the texture of the sea with a matte green color that looks like a game of 1980 and not of this generation as the texture we had before, which was exceptional, is painful.

The best thing is to think like me. When they’ll put it back it will be even better!! Hopefully…

I would defiantly like to see the old water graphics come back it make the game look better.

We defenitly need this feature again in the regions

would be to hard to handle for the most devices out there

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I’d love to see this! I used to live right along the beach, and when the moon rose at night you could see the glistening light trailing on the water, definitely was a great sight

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I bet there are companies that have globally mapped data that distinguishes land from ocean/lake/river etc. FDS could buy the data, and use the original water from the last release instead of the imagery they currently have.

True, but I bet it’s also very expensive :)

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I do miss that beautiful water rendering and flying low level over the waves, but the trade off for global I feel has been worth it. Beside this just a new beginning for FDS, I’m sure they want to update this and many other things in the near future : )

I was thinking the same thing for a long time!!Got my vote and hope we see this beautifull see surface soon :)

That’s why we have the settings menu so you can balance performance and graphics for your device.

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