SEA-SJD Trip Report [Robertine Searching for Sun]

Hello, IFC!

I recently flew from SEA to SJD on Delta’s A319, and here is the trip report!

(No, I did not wear a mask during the flight… I wore 2)

I arrived in the SEA terminal and swiftly maneuvered all of my cells to the delta check in counter.

After a solid 20 minutes of trying to explain to the check in agent that I was going to SJD and not SJC, she finally understood and I was able to move on to passport check. This was fast and efficient (thanks clear) and i was able to go directly to the S gates to start spotting…

…the S gates were packed because of 2 HAL flights and our flight departing at the same time.

Anyways, after an hour of spotting, it was time to board. I slapped the cold fuselage then I arrived in my seat (20F) and set up my avgeek gear to take pics out of the windows.

As we taxiied past the plethora of ASA Dash-8s, I was able to snap a few pics. We then took off, and punctured the usual 3763 layers of clouds above Seattle, until we met the wonderful blue sky.

I made this a gif to allow yall to see it easily, please lmk if it works, it’s my first time making one.


As the plane leveled off, flight attendants gave out the “meal” service for this short 4 hour flight.

That’s the meal…

I mean covid but alright

I swiftly orally consumed my assigned CLIF bar as I had not nourished my stomach since 5AM, and emptied the bottle in a gulp. I was still feeling hungry, so I ate some goldfish, but since those were not able to fulfill my need for nutrients, I settled on eating the purell chewable they gave us. It tasted alright to be honest.

(This is a joke, as a general rule of thumb, do not eat anything that says “purell” on it)

After flying over PHX cough cough AAH CORONA no dont worry i was giving a shoutout to @AviationFreak , I don’t have the 'rona… yet…

We started our descent quite late, making it a steep and bumpy one (there were mountains so it was bumpi). After seeing and taking a picture of the vacation rental from the plane, the pilot touched down the left tire… then the right… then the left… then the back tire… wait there’s a back tire? Then bounced and flared and then touched down after consuming half the runway already.

We taxiied to the gate, and I snapped a few last pictures out of the window and then went to chat with the pilot in the cockpit as some Karens were trying to argue who deserved to go out first.

It didn’t matter, as we were all pushed into a superduper long line at the airport for the passport control… then another for covid checks… then another for fruit and veggie checks… then another for baggage claim which was done individually which was super weird.

(They didn’t allow pics in the airport)
Anyways, I survived and I don’t have corona yet so Thank you delta!

I’m sorry for the short trip report, there wasn’t much to say about this particularly boring flight, but expect at least one spotting topic soon!

Thank you IFC!

Wear a mask!



I can relate (LMAO)…but with my Southwest Snack Mix


Lucky! All I got on my flight with Alaska was a glass of orange juice.

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That Goldfish looks delicious.

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Translation: He ate his CLIF bar because he had not eaten since 5AM and drank his water. He also ate his goldfish but was still hungry.

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Fee knix

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😂 these comments


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Perfectly described my infinite flight landings. Great topic with lots of funi jokes, the snack looked yumi


You flew on E

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Lol thanks!

Spirit is like OIL

In Europe that’s basically a long-haul xD

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Spirit better watch out for US military then. Might invade at any moment.

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…and that USA countryball which is going to kill spirit for oil


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