"sea shore" effect in nose gear camera

Anyone else get a "seashore" effect when using the Nose Wheels camera?

Do you have a screen shot to help us understand the “seashore” effect please. I’m not understanding.

I’ve had this, what he means is, when on nose gear camera, and on the ground, you can see into the ground, and this happens when the camera is neutral, it appears on the bottom of the screen and rolls up, it doesn’t fill the screen however. I can provide a screenshot when I land.


Ooh, I know what you mean now. This was a known open beta issue, I assume staff know and are working on it.


apologies team, I did intend to Ss this once I ended a flight I’m currently on… however @AlaskaAirfireball111 's description is dead on… many thanks for articulating the issue to clarity. Only reason I even posted about it is b/c the official build was released, so once I saw it again, I figured id ask 'round here :D


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