SDEE Underground

Just randomly clicked a small airport for fun. I found this… This is in Solo mode and in the free version. The plane on the ground is a 737-700, its literally impossible to take off here. Or land here (obviously).


Where is it?

How on world are you going to take off 😄

Whats the airport called?

The airports code thing is SDEE.


This is an issue regarding the airport elevation. It appears that this airport is yet to be edited by IFAET, but once someone does get around to it, this issue will be resolved.

Take care!

The airport is actually at its correct elevation. There seems to be an issue with the surrounding terrain, the same issue occurs at NZMO

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Take your time in correcting it… I think its quite nice (especially for entertainment purposes)

A 757 did it not too long ago, anything is possible

I think you can only land it when you are in solo mode with strong wind that turn your aircraft into a helicopter

Thats…um I have no idea how to describe it.

Its not too hard to takeoff or land with an A380, with enough flaps to help you float. However, stopping in time is another challenge

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