SDEE takeoff

Saw a Support posting on SDEE being below the level of surrounding terrain and decided to see how a 757 would fare.

Flown on Expert using Delta 757. Executed takeoff, went around, and landing attempt resulted in a crash.

Takeoff was close. Flaps 15, 10% trim, 100% throttle


I don’t believe the horse breeder that owns this grass airstrip would allow that 757 on his ranch :P


Great photos, I liked the look of the challenge so I tried and somehow landed a 757 there

Isn’t this planet Moho right? Oh, Moho doesn’t have an atmosphere!

That was close close. Props to you for nailing that takeoff my friend 😎.

I managed to successfully takeoff and land the A380-800 into this airport a few mins ago. All the wheels were firmly on the ground upon landing However, then we slammed into the cliffedge at 80 knots

I don’t want airports like this to be fixed. They make it fun.


Fax. (and they are free content for utube and stuff)

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