I took some more photos so I wanted to share them. Enjoy :)

First is this Easyjet A320 flying from Naples to Venice. I’ll admit I over-edited this one a little…

Next is this shot of a British Airways A320 holding short while a TUI 737 lands at Gatwick

This next one I really like—a tower shot of a Vueling a320 parked up at Rome (FCO).

Next, a couple shots from a recent flight from Naples to Marseille. I recently went on a school trip to Italy with some friends, had a lot of fun (I wish I could go back 😩) and basically I’m in love with Italy now.

Next is a wing shot from inside a crj-900 after landing at Kennedy from Boston.

Finally, my favorite picture is of this KLM 787 landing at Kennedy. The Royal Dutch blue is magnificent 😍

Well, I hope you like my photos. I always try to make them appealing :)


These shots are awesome! I truly do love em’.

Also make sure to add a more relevant title than just ‘screenshots’, instead just add a more valid description in your title. 😉

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