Screenshots With Every New Livery

To celebrate the new 23.1 update I gift to you a photo of every new livery. Thanks to @John_Wixk_jr, these photos are great.

Comment which is your favorite!


Wish i was the first to like the post but @Pilot_InfiniteFlight beat me to it lol.

Cries in Air India Express 737


WAIT, why the photo not there

well no air india for now and no of the other one i missed

very nice screenshots

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My Fav is gotta be Juneyao Airines and Lufthansa!:)🔥

Where is buta airways and kenya airways E190??

You missed Gulf Air 787 too :)

what? (ten characters)

Yea i realize when i was emailing them to my laptop from my phone the gulf air and air india didnt send

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Jet Airways and Air India Express are my favourite ones! 💯

I said you forgot Buta and Kenya Airways E190

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I didnt know they were added, it doesnt say on the blog

I absolutely love flair, its one of my favourite airlines and im really happy they brought it into IF!

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Cool, nice shots

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