[Screenshots provided.] Trying to learn what the ATC warned me about...

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I took off from KDAL with Callsign Jetblue 75 heading to KBOS. I asked for push back clearance. Granted. Requested Taxi. Granted to 13L (as ATIS had said as well). Switch freq to Tower and asked for takeoff. Granted for immediate take off. Frequency changed approved to Approach. Granted and switched. Asked APP for flight to KBOS. Granted. He told me to proceed on course and choose my altitude at my own discretion. Then he approved me of a frequency change.

This is where things escalate.

He sent the message twice and I responded once to it. I wasn’t paying attention as I was at my computer. He then told me to go to the forums about ATC instructions and sent two-three other frequency change approved messages. He then warned me about me being ghosted and then told me to change frequencies. I for the final time and very annoyed responded and then tuned out his frequency. I am trying to figure out what I did wrong here. I know what to do on the Expert server. I’ve been flying on it for quite a bit now and understand what is expected from me by the ATC’s.


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It appears as though you did not tune out of the frequency. When you get “Frequency Change Approved” without ATC giving you a frequency to tune to it means to tune out of the current frequency. You were at 31k which is well above the approach control.


But is it a reason to ghost if the pilot doesn’t tune out of the frequency? Happens quite often to me that people request a frequency change but don’t tune out then… I just swipe away theire stripe. I would never ghost for this (exept you tell them to contact another frequency like radar)


They shouldn’t ghost for that, you are correct.

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“Frequency change approved”, does not force you to tune out, just allows you too. Some pilots like to listen to ATC chatter after they depart and are at cruising altitude, which is totally fine. Controllers can easily swipe on your name after you are told freq change approved. The only time this causes a problem is when a pilot starts sending unnecessary requests, such as requesting a transition from fl100 above. This is the only time when we would send a “check help pages” for not tuning out.


i know sometime I like to just listen and watch other activities at other airports along my flight plan while I’m cruising. But I don’t thing I should be ghosted for it.


You should not be ghosted for not tuning out of a frequency unless you were handed off to a specific one such as approach.

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Thanks guys for the replies. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to be reported for this or anything. I really do enjoy flying on IF and don’t want to be temp banned at all. I wasn’t aware either that I had to tune out the freq.

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and again, Thank you Chris. I understand now what to do. I appreciate the hard work!

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