Screenshots over Shasta

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What’s up y’all,
I recently did a flight from EGLL-KSFO in the majestic Boeing 747-400. I did the flight with a close friend of mine that was flying the Boeing 787-9, and we got some screenshots over Northern California. These are the only shots I got, just so you know.

This flight was done in the casual server, (my friend being grade 1) takeoff at 1700zulu from EGLL-KSFO.

To the photos now.

Views of Mount Shasta!

And my friend trolling me

Thanks for looking!


Hello! Those are some cool pictures! But please remember to remove all name tags, and your HUD please.
And make sure to remove this as well, thanks!

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Hello! As @Speedyyy said, please use the replay feature next time so that we can’t see HUDS or tags, as it is against the rules in #screenshots-and-videos. Thanks!

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Oops. Thanks for telling me. I will remember that next time. Thanks for admiring the pictures!


No worries :)