Screenshots of the Moon Don’t Work For Me

I mean for that time of day, that’s probably the best view of the moon you can get. If you want the moon to appear better, you will have to change the time of day close to sunrise or sunset. Yeah the picture may look darker (obviously) but you can always use a few editors to play around with the lighting of the shot. An example can be seen below

Unfortunately I don’t have the original shot but what I did here was tune the lighting of the background to complete pitch black and and touch up the moon with some sharpening and detailing tools.

This is because the screenshot feature takes multiple screenshots and stitches them together. Clearly there’s some form of bug here. Try reinstalling IF, remembering that you have to save your replays to your device if you want to keep them :)

How does one save replay files?

You mean export them to Google Drive?

That looks nice, what editor do you use?

You should be able to export them and save them into the “Files” app if it’s an Apple device.

Before doing that, have you tried adjusting the screenshot resolution?

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🤔 No, I kept at 4K all the way…

I’ll try it at 2K.

I use PS Express and the in-built Apple editor at times

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You can save your replays by exporting them to Google Drive. All you need to do is head over to the main screen > replay > select what file you want to export > share > it will give you options as to where you want to save them

So, from the sounds of it, when you go to take a screenshot in the replay feature, the Moon doesn’t appear in the screenshot even though the Moon was visible before taking it. If that is the case, here’s a solution for it that has worked in the past:

Oh, I already know how 2 do that.

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@Akms_Aviation You can refer to this.

But there’s a stitching issue here. You can see on the above screenshot the 737 is messed up.

Ah are you referring to the nose of the aircraft?

I get that sometimes as well with the screenshots, I just take the shot again if I get it.

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Yes, and right through to the airline titles and windows on the plane.

Yeah like Qantas said you just gotta take the shot again and it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just the rendering sometimes that messes up if you move too quickly with the Freecam and take a screenshot immediately after

Unfortunately none of the great ideas any of you have posted have worked for me, including @Qantas094.

I will be installing and reinstalling Infiniteflight, I’ll do a short solo flight and comeback with the results.

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It did not work. Is it ok to tag a mod to see if they can help out?

Seb and/or another staff member will see the topic when they see it. No need to tag them.

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