Screenshots of my flight last night on the newest Turkish Airlines 787-9 from RJTT - LTBA! šŸ‡¹šŸ‡·


Hey! Nice Photos! However this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos

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Nice pictures but if you strive for realism, next time fly to LTFM. LTBA is closed to passenger flights and only accommodates cargo and private flights. But soon cargo flights will also shift to LTFM.

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Ok! Iā€™m Farley new to posting so just starting to learn! Thanks!

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Thank you! Thanks for the Information I had many more flights planned for LTBA on the passengers 787!! Good to know that its closed! Thank you!

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Nice shots, I still miss the good days of LTBA.


oh, First off beautiful photos, Love the Turkish 789

Secondly, according to the #screenshots-and-videos rules yo should give a little back story and the flight details. It doesnt need to be long but juts one line about why you flew the rout would suffice
Like for example in your case, you could say:
I flew the route because i like it or because i wanted to fly the 789


Aircraft- Boeing 789
Flight time- 9:00

IF you want more info on the rules look here
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