Screenshot's not saving

Hello! Why my screenshots is not saving into gallery? App permission granted…

How are you taking the screenshots, theough replay’s screenshot feature or like how you screenshot by pressing the volume and shutoff button at the same time (for Apple)

By feature.

hmm, well mine seem to work perfectly fine. By feature, you mean clicking the screenshot button on replay right? It should save the Infinite Flight folder if you have it applied in settings.

Yes, i did but they don’t save…

And yes from Replay.

Give me a second, I’ll look into it.

Are you on IOS or Android?

I’m on Android!

ah, okay. It’s a little harder for me to help if your Android as I am Apple. We’ll see what others have to say.

How much storage do you have left? If you’re running really low/out of storage, it won’t save.

30 gb left

Make sure you hit allow to use camera

What do you mean?

Like give permission for infinite flight to use camera but I see you have permission

@N801VP already granted

Have you tried restarting your device and the app?

10 times…

Also you in beta?

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yes i’m in