Screenshots from TPA Flyout.

Took these four beautiful screenshots at today’s Tampa Flyout. Around 12pm PST from TPA to SEA while still on the ground
Jetblue A321 infront of me: @JetBlue_48_DJT
Air Canada A321 behind me: @xsrvmy





Which picture was your favorite?

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Great shots! The more to love livery is one of the best out there

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It is the best out there in my opinion! 😜

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I am not going to disagree with that!

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That AAL livery is very nice. Too bad you didn’t join me and a couple others at 1L. How long did you sit in line for 1R?

This was the best TS event I’ve been part of that had the most pilots join.

I was at the front so lucky not long at all 😁

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Besides the one spammer the event was great

Nice shots dude🤙🏻Of course 1,2 and 3 because I’m in it ☺️

Haha! Yes of course which one are you? @JetBlue_48_DJT

JetBlue right in front of you

Nice pictures! I love the last one

Thanks! Were you there?

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Nope, unfortunately not.

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I was the A321 right behind you :D

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Just mentioned you!

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Photo #2 is one of the photos that’s App Store Quality. Love what’s been coming from the #screenshots-and-videos category today.

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