Screenshots from the Iceland flyout

Hello, as some of you may know, yesterday (Feb.26) @United403 hosted a training server flyout of Keflavik. Here is just a place to post your screenshots or videos from yesterday’s flyout. I’ll go first.

Boarding at Keflavik

In line for departure

Taking off

Approaching the Irish coast and just about to start my desent

Landing on runway 16 at Dublin (coincidentally my 100th landing in IF pro)

Deplaning after a roughly 2hr 15min flight. Again thanks to @United403 for running this flyout.


Asiana A321 in Keflavik is totally normal


More normal than seeing an Emirates A380 in Dubai

Or a United plane at Newark

or an Air India plane in India lmao

Or a Delta plane in Atlanta

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Or a spirit A321 in Mumbai

Iceland is one of those places that has underrated scenery, even when it is about 60 north, I still love to fly there!


I can’t wait to go there someday!

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Or an American plane at DFW

Or a Southwest plane at BWI

Or a jetBlue plane at MCO

You get the point


Does this mean your grade 3 now?

Not quite, I still have 20ish more hours and another 20,000 xp but I’m gonna do a flight while I’m sleeping so I can get an easy 7-8 hours.