Screenshots from my longhaul

I had an exciting flight from EGLL-KATL!I was able to get some shots too.Its a very lovely flight and a very senic takeoff with the moon on one end and the sunrise on the other.It was also a very smooth takeoff.


Hey there, please give us more details about these pictures taken. Like, tell us the route that you were flying and the location of each picture.

Take a look below for more information. πŸ‘‡

But honestly I do love the Delta Boeing 777. A great aircraft and livery to fly in. πŸ‘


Actually there’s no rule that says he has to specify the location, read well before posting.

What I mean here is that his post needs more information. That does not mean just giving the location, as an example.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk You’re not wrong, but their information is enough, beautiful photos BTW @Kaj .

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Thanks! I like the last one the most