Screenshots from my adventures.

As the title says, these are screenshots from my Infinite Flight adventures.

1. This screenshot I took about a half an hour ago in the Caribbean, I love this screenshot because it looks absolutely gorgeous with the best plane of Infinite Flight!
2. This screenshot was taken over the Swiss alps. To me, it looks beautiful, and I thought this would be an awesome screenshot to share.
3. This screenshot was taken at the apron of some airport somewhere in the world. I wanted to share this because it looks really cool with the sun setting offscreen and the orangey color it sets off!
4. This screenshot I took during a formation flight with some friends, we were trying to do a long haul formation flight but all of us didn’t make it or overshot.


Some great photos you’ve got here but sadly you are over the 10 photo limit.

And in future try to add some specific detail about each photo, e.g. where it was taken or if it was a special flight why.