Screenshots from my 10 most recent flights

Hello IFC, I decided to make a topic about my last 10 flights, 1 screenshot each, because they all had good photo opportunities, so here ya go!

1st, me buttering the bread at Atlanta arriving from Detroit

2nd, me landing in Paris arriving from Abu Dhabi

3rd, me taking off from Chicago O’hare in a Lufthansa 747-8i heading for Frankfurt

4th, me taking off from Portland in an Alaska Airlines 737-900 in the “More To Love” livery

5th, me landing at Madeira arriving from London Luton in a TUI 757

6th, me landing at London Gatwick in a Bri’ish Airways E190 arriving from Zurich

7th, me taking off from Tokyo in a JAL 787-9 heading for Toronto

8th, me landing at Miami in an Iberia A350 arriving from Madrid

9th, me taking off from Denver in a blank MD-11F heading for Anchorage

And last but not least, me landing at Miami in a Qatar 777-300ER arriving from Doha

Hope you enjoyed! What picture was you favorite? Thanks for viewing!



Awesome photos! I really liked that Lufthansa 747-8i moonshot.

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It was so beautiful nice very awesome 👍🏽‼️

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Very cool shots @Xaro!

Great pictures 👍🏻🛫

ima recreate this with all of the new updates