Screenshots from latest flight!

Hello! Last night, I did a very basic and common flight. EGLL-KJFKI took some screenshots, but first, flight info!
Plane- MD11F
Flight time: 5 hours 57 minutes
Server: expert
landing FPM- -213

Parked at London!


Beautiful sunset cruise at FL420

Kinda butter!
Parked at KJFK
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Thanks for taking your time to see these, and see you tomorrow!
-IFPYT (infiniteflightproyt)


I think you got this backward

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Nice catch! Lol

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how u find that out

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There’s an app called IFOperations. There it could tell you all of it

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how much does it cost, cause im kinda broke, I spent a lot of money on model planes and Carti posters for my dorm

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Correction- it’s called in flight operations. I honestly don’t know because I already downloaded it, but I’m guessing probably around $3-$4. You can also check the App Store or wherever you download your games