Screenshots from Event! EGLL-EDDF

Hello IFC and happy new year! Most of us probably went to the event and I had a blast. Now, you’re not here to listen to me tell my life story, so on to the photos

Flight info

flight time: 1:18
Plane and livery: Lufthansa a320

At the gate at EGLL


Replay glitch. Screenshot of the year

After a long time of waiting, we’re finally able to Rotatate

Our nice cruise at FL260

Airport in sight, gear down, stall, crash, and the rest is history

Crosswind landing! -312 (I’ll take it)

At the gate at EDDF
You can find the stream I did on it here Happy new year! Infinite flight Lufthansa from EGLL-EDDF - YouTube
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Thanks for watching and see ya next time!