Screenshots from EGKK-FIMP Fly out!

1) Some amazing photos from last nights event IFC (18th July), our TUI & British Airway fly out to Mauritius, great event turn out considering a lot if people cancelled, however, I thank everyone who turned up, and followed my FPL instructions perfectly!! This was my first IFC event I have hosted!! Here are a few of my favourite shots from the event

Special thanks to the attendee pilots @Liam_Gardener @Infiniteflightuk2 @ncl.spotter @Bobby_Burg And all the other pilots I have missed!

  1. Server: Expert
    Flight Time: 11 Hours 45 Minutes
    Aircraft: 787-9 - TUI, 777-200ER - BA


Hope you all enjoyed the event!! See you in the skies in another event very soon!✈️


Nice photos Will

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Great photos! Glad i could be part of it, hoping for another event soon ;)

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