Screenshots Do Not Save to Camera Roll


@Thomas - I haven’t forgotten about you, just so you know. We’re all just a bit swamped right now! Sorry about that.


Nah I fully understand! You guys must be really busy! I appreciate every bit of help you guys give! ;)


Like do you have a 3rd party camera app? Like can other apps save stuff to you’re camera roll?


Yeah, apps like Procreate and Snapseed can save images to my camera roll.


Ok, so it’s an IF problem, hum…

Only solution, a reinstal!


I swear to god… 😂


@Thomas - i know you’re gonna think I’m mad now… but just for the sake of it as i know it helps in some cases like this where a regular reinstall doesn’t.

Have you tried this in the following order?

  1. Uninstall Infinite Flight
  2. Restart the device
  3. Install Infinite Flight again.


I’ll give that a shot, you never know when it could work! :)


And nothing. Still doesn’t work!


We need to talk about giving the correct answers ;)

Okay, I’ll see if i can figure this out…


I appreciate it, Seb


I just gave it a shot myself… uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled and immediately went on a brief flight with the C172.

Opened up the replay, took a screenshot and it worked. So why isn’t it working for you? Rhetorical question…


Have you tried reinstalling you’re device? 😂


Anyone else have the 2016 IPad Pro, and can confirm if it does or doesn’t work for them?


2016 iPad Pro


Oh wait… i did this on my iPhone XS Max. I have an iPad Pro 9.7 2016 as well. Hold on.


That’s a real revolutionary idea! Now maby we can tell him an idea other than to reinstall 😂


And of course it worked just fine… isn’t this great?


This is very great.


And you have “Read and Write” set for Photos on Infinite Flight? As well as “Mobile data”?