Screenshots Do Not Save to Camera Roll


How about restarting your iPad? 😈


God just answered my prayer guys! He said,

“Thy shal reinstall thy app”

Try that…


Jokes aside, do you think anyone else on the staff team could help me out? @MishaCamp


Check “once again” if you have access on using Infinite flight using your Camera Roll. Go to Settings —> Infinite Flight —> Click First picture option to allow for camera roll —> choose the “read and write” option.


Seb is your best bet. We’ll bring this up internally though and see if any of the Dev team have any ideas!


I appreciate it guys, I’ll be going to sleep in a few hours.

Cheers 🍻


Night mate 👍 hope it works for you soon 👍


Good night. How about screenrecording or Screenshoting the process on how you use it (later). It would probably be easier for all of us. Thanks.


I’m not sleeping now, just letting Misha know that if a dev might respond when I’m sleeping and I don’t reply.


Have you checked the files, camera, and photo apps?
Can you send us a screenshot of what is going on?


It’s all sorted mate 👍 thanks for wondering


I tried to do a longer multiplayer flight (16 mins) after reinstalling and went to the replay to take a screenshot, still no luck. This really sucks as this was the feature I was most excited for! Hopefully the hardworking devs respond by tomorrow morning! I appreciate all the work every one of you do!


Have we tried one last reinstall? 😂


Does this happen in any other application?


Oh jeez! That worked! It didn’t actually


On a serious note do you have any other apps with a function like this to see if it’s an Infinite flight issue, or a photos/IPad issue?


I can take normal screenshots, but I can’t use the 4K built in function.



Seems like this could be a problem in relation to Infinite Flight and the System.
There is a problem when catching pictures on the sensors or whatever it is, which can’t recognise the screenshot you took into the Photo library.


Heave you considered using VPN? Have you got any Connectivity issues since Infinite Flight is fully dependent on any sort of a network connection?


I don’t have a VPN, my network is absolutely fine.