Screenshots Do Not Save to Camera Roll


Have you checked your iCloud files? You could find something here.


Yes I have, nothing there.


Maybe try reinstalling Infinite Flight for the second time. As the update rolled out, many people are having random issues at times. I’ll try and help you in many ways.


I have reinstalled Infinite Flight about 4 times now, I don’t believe that will fix anything.


All right, seems like you did this more than once.

Try reducing your graphic settings through many ways. I hope this would improve the situation a little.


Tried that, that did nothing. This is very weird.


Try checking your Camera Roll or Photo Albums. You should find a new one which saves all your past screenshots in your Infinite Flight library.


I have already tried doing that.


That is wierd, too i’ll agree. I use an iPad Air 1st gen and everything seems to be all right. Say after pressing “allow” for using the camera roll option.


Have you tried reinstalling?


I have already allowed access multiple times.


Thanks for the contribution, Ethan. 😂


He tried that like 4 times already. For some reason this does not work.


Damn, could have sworn to be the first to suggest that


You wanna just check if a reinstall works?😈


Do you have a lot of storage? Some of my photos may save via “iCloud” which results me downloading the picture every time I select it, since I only have a 16Gb plan, and 50Gb on iCloud. Maybe there is something in relation to iCloud?


Okay okay, I’ll check. 😈


That didn’t work, maybe I should try and reinstall. 🤔


Yeah try that for me. A reinstall should fix the reinstall.


The reinstall of the reinstall didn’t fix the reinstall while reinstalling Infinite Flight… I’m stuck!