Screenshots at VABB

Decided to take some screenshots from a little bit ago at VABB on the Expert Server. I am the Qatar A320, the rest is other traffic at the airport. Was a very busy approach, about 6-7 planes lined up to land.

Airport: VABB
Time: ~21:50Z


Very cool pictures! Nice job! :)

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Thank you so much! Still waiting to see if the pilots of these planes will show up in the comments here or not. I have my plane labeling turned off for realism but if I’m super curious as to who they are I could always turn it back on and check out the replay.

I hope some do! Maybe they’ll even fly with you later on. Same thing happened to me today when I realized that I was parked right next to @Suhas in one of his pictures, talked to him, and now we’re flying as we speak. :)


Wow! Super cool! I do hope you enjoy your flight together.

Yeah! It’ll be a fun one. We’re doing VIDP-KIAD. :)

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Long one. What’s your enroute time?