Screenshots are in the actual infinite flight location

Look closely it says North Sea
I just wanted to see if anyone else noticed because that is such a good feature!


It was a nice surprise to find that the screenshots are taken in the same way that you would when taking a photo on your phone with location services on - stored in your places in photos. It means any good pictures can be traced back to where they were taken. The fact that it does it on replay is superb!


Yup,almost like you were actually there,right? Best of all you can show it off to your friends.

Oh wow, yes it is. Thanks for pointing that out!

I noticed that too. It is awesome

Talked about it 👍

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I never use the location feature on my photo album but now I’m tempted to set it up

That’s actually really cool. I wonder if that caused the devs too much extra work, really cool feature tho.

It’s automatic :)

I know its automatic in infinite flight, but I specifically don’t give access to my location in my photo app or camera

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In infinite flight it’s not your location tho

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