Screenshots and Video Category - New Photoshop Rules

I can see why, and now that I’ve read this, it’s actually pretty bad. And lots and lots of photoshops have been posted recently — making the problem worse. For me, this new rule feels a little restricting, but probably for the better, for the reasons that were mentioned above by everyone.


Thanks for information

Nice rule I think it is good, but I’m wondering if photo enhancements such as brightening landing lights etc are allowed


Yes… read the post

I can understand where they are coming from. Some people may hate it, but some people will like it. At the end of the day, it is life and things happen for a reason.

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I’m happy about these new rules. The photo edits are a bit annoying IMHO.

I mean, I’m not a massive fan of the rule as we have some amazing photoshop artists but a rule is a rule, I’m not here to argue.


Looks like mine and others edits where way too good, maybe I should be employed. Just wanted to say, my bad if they were to realistic, just trying to get some liveries added, also draw attention to IF. However, this is a valid point, so guess I and the other amazing photoshop editors are exiled (from photoshopping of course).

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Not a fan of this rule… oh well. Had to be done I guess.

Opinionated writing coming up. If you disagree, I’m not going to fight. If you agree, cool.

Personally, I think the rules are a tad strict. The Photoshopped photos (such as the one I made) can turn out to be really amazing. If there’s an issue when differentiating between what’s in the sim and what isn’t, I think a disclaimer could be used. I also don’t see an issue with an “overflow” of these kinds of topics. They’re screenshots and videos, aren’t they? That’s why the whole category exists. I also disagree with the point that these photos are unrelated to IF. I’ve noticed the devs put most of their work into the aircraft themselves. That’s the main part of the simulator, the realistic looks and feel of an aircraft. If, for example, there’s a photo of a 777 flying over a photoshopped skyline, you can count the pixels if you have that much time to waste and possibly determine that there is more photoshopped elements in the photo then IF elements. But the aircraft is usually in the foreground— it’s the subject of the photo, where the eyes focus on. That’s why these photos would be representative of IF.

But rules are rules.


Yea i agree. Most people should know the difference between a photoshopped picture and a non photoshopped one, in my opinion.

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@Mattheus Oh no… not that again 😂

A bit disappointing but understandable.

I like the new rule I think it will give better quality to the #screenshots-and-videos catagory

IFFG ;) Yeah that would be good.

After reading through the topic I’ve built up one question, may sound silly but it’s bugging me.

Can we add in lens flares? Like this one:

Credit: Me


I’m guessing you can, considering that it isn’t an additional feature in the game itself.

what template?

Just basic information about your flight and that. When you choose to post in #screenshots-and-videos, it’ll come up (the template), you don’t though have to follow the exact template. You can just add the necessary information in your own way :)

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