Screenshots and Video Category - New Photoshop Rules

Hi all,

As part of our ongoing strive to make the forum an accessible and welcoming place we are always looking to make improvements where we can. Over the course of the last few months, we have had discussions with many users about the screenshot and video category. The main points brought up include:

1) Photoshops are confusing and people don’t know if they are real or not
2) Shots from Infinite Flight are being drowned out by photoshops
3) Confusion with seeing photoshops of non-IF features on an Infinite Flight forum

After careful consideration, we have come to agree that these points are valid and need addressing. The most important aspect to note is the fact that we are on an Infinite Flight forum. This means screenshots and videos should be from the app itself, and most importantly should show what the simulator looks like.

For those just browsing, or searching online, finding a large number of photoshopped images on the official forum can be extremely confusing and can give off the impression these are features in the simulator.

So, what is being done to change this?

We have introduced a new rule that outlines what is or is not allowed. The key rule is as followed:

- No photoshops or edits that add features to a photo that are not already in the simulator

For a more detailed explanation of what this encompasses, please see below:

Your moderation team


I understand the urgency, but still, feels kind of restricting.

How about a category for photoshops only?


That will not be created, no. This forum is not a place to post non-IF content. Social media is the perfect place for that!


Does this mean we can still edit images(filters, etc), but not add anything not in the sim? (Taxi Lights,CS300, etc) Are cloud edits allowed?


I love the new rules! However I’m a bit disappointed that snow and rain cant be added anymore 😕 I used to love those edits, but It makes sense as they’re photoshopped.


fair enough - Infinite Flight in its original state already is nice to watch

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Yes, you can change the colour/lighting and so forth. The linked topic explains in more detail.


Works for me. I don’t even have photoshopping skills.


If clouds are in development, are they still allowed or not?

(sorry for asking so many questions just trying to know what and what not to do)

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as far as Ive understood u can edit them as long as nothing non existing is added to the picture. (Taxi lights for example, dont exist yet, so therefore shouldnt be edited into pictures that get posted in the forum. If u post them on social media, ure all good)


No, because you would be using clouds which are not in the simulator.


in general, I believe u should stick to the features that are actually inside the simulator and specifically those features. (For example dont edit in a different 777 model into an Infinite Flight picture, even tho the 777 itself exists inside of Infinite Flight)


So, I have a Photoshop of an Air Europa B737 made with the livery of the B737 unmarket in IF, can I publish it?

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Man this kinda sucks, but I totally understand and respect you guys decision.

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The Air Europa livery does not exist for the 737-8 inside of Infinite flight

-> u shouldnt post it on the IFC, how ever feel free to post it on any social media u want


I totally agree with this, I think it’s a good choice.

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So in a nutshell, basically we can edit the basic photo we take from the sim. We just can’t add anything that is not in the flight sim I.E. those weird and sometimes crazy additions people put in.

But we can still make these:
FA-18 Mafia

We just can’t post them on IFC in the screenshots category.

We can still meme with them, though.


I honestly think this is a good idea and good aspect to focus on. I liked the way you all approached the situation with some valid points of the change. Good job!


No more photoshop, I promise! 😅

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