Screenshots and techniques

Evening to whoever sees this! I was wondering as you see in the 1st or 2nd picture of the wing…I try and take these photos as they come out so nice! But I always have trouble getting the strobe light in a picture…is there a pacific way to get the light in aswell?..Please help thank you :)

Hello, I think (correct me if not) this goes in #live

I think you can use the free cam, pause in the replay and then try heading up further to the front of the airplane. My suggestion :)

Not sure as it does contain Screenshots mainly 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️


The best thing you can try is timing the screenshot right to in gets the flash of the strobe light when you take the photo. The lighting in Infinite Flight is very dull, so you may need a third-party software to edit the image to brighten the strobe lighting. Hope this answers your question :)

Awh perfect lad! Can always count on u!

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I just take the screenshots (about 5) and then pick the one with them 😂
Works best with single strobes like the 737