Screenshots #2

It’s time for round 2 of my screenshots! You guys loved the first ones, so I decided to make a few more! Hope you like these ones just as much !
All flights (Apart from some on expert) were taken on Solo. Those that were taken on expert were purely for the other aircraft. The delta was a flight from Seattle to LAX, and the westjet is an IFW event from Kelowana or something to Edmonton


These are really good, but make sure to fill out the template for #screenshots-and-videos

And use high graphics next time 😉


I said in the one before, these pictures are mostly taken on Solo, so theres no details to fill in.

you should add more Information about your screenshots

Very Nice photos!

See above 👆 and thanks

Just say sever: Solo 😉

Server: Solo

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Server: Expert (3 pics)

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Give the poor guy a break everyone. His photos are better than 75% of photos in this category.

You can tell what aircraft it is. It’s not the end of the world.


I would agree with you there.

People need to stop worrying about what category everything is in, and just give people a break.

Nice shots my friend! 😃


Great pictures! In my opinion I think you should tone down a bit on the contrast, but apart from that they’re magnificent!

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Thanks alot

I honestly don’t remember any of the airports. I’m not fussed about airports, or what’s going on, as long as I can provide my followers with quality content they like, I’m happy

True, but rules are rules. Everyone should stick to them, no matter how good their photos are (and these are very good).

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cool! Love the editing, next time try some higher graphic settings!👍 Also my favorite is the Westjet with the mountains and fog!

I’ve edited the post. Happy?

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ooooo, that dh8d tho

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