screenshot when landing

hello fellow pilots,
just wondering is there any easy way to screenshot our own landing on Live? especially when the main gear touched the ground. Somehow I’m sure it will be catastrophic if I try to do that :)

thank you for any tips given

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If you are on an apple device.
You could record your device before you begin your approach.
Then complete the landing, review the footage and then take a screenshot at the perfect moment. This requires at least iOS 11.


unfortunately I use Android device. thank you for the advise though, probably using a 3rd party screen recorder will do? I have try this but as I use earphone the sound didn’t recorded.

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In that case then use a 3rd party screen recorder and take your earphones out. 😂


Is it true, that there is no Sound recording under Android ?

This website may be of some assistance

Just press the power down and home button, although it depends which version of android you have on your device

it is, but the app record the sound out of the speakers, but I always use earphone hence why the sound didn’t recorded.

I might have mislead you with the question :)

of course I know how to take screenshot on Android, what I have asked was how to get the shot of my aircraft landing from various angle without crashing it :)

anybody else also think I don’t know how to do screenshot on Android?

If you are talking about using a different view, you could use APPR mode to land your aircraft for you.
That way you can take all the screenshots you like without crashing or focusing on other aspects

Another way is to go into solo mode, and take screenshots while you are watching the replay
Hope this helps 🙂


The IF based recorder doesn’t record any app based sound unless you enable microphone.
3rd party applications do
Android P (for anyone that has it) I’ll probably be pushing a build for that to record Audio

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you’re right, definitely will try APPR to do that.

I only ever use it once and never use it again. I always land manually all the time. but for this landing screenshot probably it is the time to try to use it again.

thank you for the advice :)

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How is that working?

My s8 allows me to record videos and gifs from the screen by tapping a few buttons

Not a phones have this kind of feature built in. Sometimes you just have to use a 3rd party recorder it the default IF one isn’t enough for you

Ah, thought it was a package deal with android.

A way to replay your flight on live would be nice. Is there any way to take a screenshot on another view, not while landing? I don’t want to switch to the outside view, then do a 360 loop, speed up to 890kts, get a violation, etc LOL

Has anyone mentioned having a friend as a way to take a 3rd person shot on landing?

hmm let me think about that 😂

There is something called autopilot 🤔

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I have tried recording my landing while using APPR, then I go to the video and screenshot a few angle but the image quality isn’t as good as other people doing it