Screenshot Upload Challenge | #020

Hello IFC! For 2023, I will be attempting a daily screenshot challenge, where I upload some new pics of flights I do every day for the entire year, with all pictures taken in the Expert server. Every Monday I will post a map of all my routes so far.

Today’s flight: (#020)
A flight I actually did a while ago - From Winnipeg to Torronto with an AC A321!

Taxi time

Off we pop

Down we go

Parked with the AC Gang

Tail view


Nice photos!

~ Ben

Thank you!

~ Nem

Even if the photos aren’t the best in the world, they are still good and you should always be positive and provide constructive criticism rather than saying that “they are good pics” is a lie.

Also, this just makes no sense:

If you aren’t going to be positive then you shouldn’t be here. This community is supposed to be a friendly atmosphere.

Have a good day sir.
~ Ben

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Nice pics 😊