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I was wondering how you can post the picture you took from your iPad to a post like this one?

Press “Upload” while viewing the forum on a mobile device, and choose the photo.

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And always remember to wait for it to finish uploading before posting! Or else it will just show


For screenshots it’s not that simple anymore, since the iPad creates PNG files.
PNG files are not allowed on the forum because of their size. They are around 400% bigger than JPG files and just take up too much space. You can’t see the differences between the two file types, so I understand the decision but it does make it a lot harder for all iOS users to post images.
You’d have to covert the PNG files first.

Press the Hamburger Menu, press mobile view and there you are done.
Cropping pictures change them into a .jpeg but I believe .png is allowed now.

Did they change that again?
I’ve been away so I could have missed it. I’m actually not back. Just here for special occasions.

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OK! I tried it and was able to post a PNG file, so the ban on those files indeed seems to have been lifted.
Forget what I said! :)

Keep in mind thought that PNG’s take up around 4 times more space than JPG’s. So when you’re able to convert them, it would still be better for the forum. ;)

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