Screenshot Tips

Do Y’all have any screenshot tips? cause I wanted to do some Solo 787-10 shots at Dusk

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Big thing is use replay and mess about with the angle(Using different views and such) and time. Don’t rush the picture either take your time. Quality over quantity 🙂👍

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After you’ve taken a picture, you can use a filter to edit your photos to look awesome!

Filters? Lol. You can’t control all elements of the lighting, colors, detail, sharpening, etc with that.

@Matt_Croatia001 If you want me to edit it I would be more than happy to! Just use replay mode. Make sure your screenshot resolution is at 4x (you can find this in settings). Make sure it’s not backlit.



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I didn’t mean literal filters.

Apple has the light, colour, tone editor in photos. You could use that.

Adobe Lightroom has so much more than that. I used Apple’s once, but it’s not that great.

Another Example


Is that real?

Yes, it is.


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