Screenshot Sundays #2: A Lot Of 737s!

Hello and welcome to the second episode of Screenshot Sundays!

About the Series

In this series I’ll be showing screenshots that I made throughout the week for the IFC Screenshot League , but I usually make lots of 'em, but only two which I choose as the best go onto the league. So usually around ten are left behind. And in this series I’ll be showing these! Let’s begin!


Aircraft: B737s, A320s, B717s
Locations: Many
Servers: Expert and Solo
Flight Times: Many

Some aircraft parked

Some aircraft taxiing

A 737 taking off

Departure of the same 737

Another shot of the departure

Two 737s on a parallel approach

The first 737 has landed…

And now the second one.

Some acrobatics in a 737

I hope you enjoyed my new editing style, and be on lookout for matchups on the IFC Screenshot League to see even better pics!

I know some of these are overedited

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Please move this to #screenshots-and-videos :)

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Awesome photos Marcel, great work! Now tell me, those acrobatics better have been on casual. 😂

Nobody saw that it was in general. Wait, now it’s back in general, lol. 🤫

Wow, I absolutely love the 2nd last one! It’s amazing, I love the blur effect in all of them as well!



They were


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I love it too!

This is very nice! I was planning on doing something like this when the competition ends or if I lose in the playoffs.

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Nice editing, though I’m a bit sad you left out the part where you deliberately taxied through me. It was a pretty funny sight to see on expert, @Oskapew can agree on that.


Be on lookout…

Yup I love it too! Thanks!

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Good idea!

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