Screenshot Sundays! #1 - Qatar A350 and an IFGAC Event

It’s late night for me, but I have managed to send on some screenshots from the past weeks! For this topic I have only used two previous flights.

I will be doing, so called “Screenshot Sundays”, I will be posting my best screenshots from my previous flights over the week. This won’t be super easy to send things over in time but the community means a lot to me! Anyways, here are the pictures.

Qatar Airways flight QR261

This is just one picture. I really love Warsaw, so I have decided to travel there. This was a community Event hosted by Plane and Pilot. Thank you @PlaneCrazy for organising the event!

Flight Details:

Flight Number: QR261

Server: Expert


Time: 15th of March 2020, 1800Z.

#1 - QR261 Departed OTHH, heading 340. Beautiful Aircraft. I wish to fly it more. The flight time should take up to 6 hours. Sadly Infinite Flight Crashed because my device is not capable of Long hauls flights. Maybe next time!

IFGAC Event, practicing patterns around Vero Beach Regional Airport. (KVRB)

It was finally time for an IFGAC Event! It’s been a while since the last one, even though I was kicked out due inactivity. Oof. @Balloonchaser was kind enough to invite me back. Thank you! I always enjoy GA events with friends I know. It’s always a great show with the turboprops.

Flight Details:

Server: Expert


Time: 26th of March 2020, 2000Z.

#2 - “K-JARO is on Final, Runway 04”. The group is waiting on the right hand side!

#3 - Group Line up. Guess who has appeared! Mr. @IFATC_Andrew with his CRJ-200. (Yes, he flew into a GA only airport).

#4 - Same Shot but in another angle. Damn! That’s a lot of props. This was a nice scenic flight too. Looking forward to more events! I will be creating an event too. Where? Not yet to be revealed.

More to come next week, folks. Thanks for viewing!


Thanks for the pictures! This is every Sunday, right?

Yes. I hope!

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Haha I’m just seeing this but glad I was able to stop by. Consider it a static display😜


It was nice seeing you dude. We will maybe fly together more. Are you part of IFGAC?

No I am not

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