Screenshot Sundays #1: A320s and TBMs!

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Screenshot Sundays!

In this series I’ll be showing screenshots that I made throughout the week for the IFC Screenshot League, but I usually make lots of 'em, but only two which I choose as the best go onto the league. So usually around ten are left behind. And in this series I’ll be showing these! Let’s begin!


Aircraft: A320s, TBMs
Routes: Many
Flight Times: Many
Server: Expert

A JetStar A320 departing while some aircraft wait for takeoff in the background

Two A320s on a really bumpy approach

Three A320s on short final

A lot of TBMs parked together

Some beautiful enjoines

I hope you enjoyed my new editing style, and be on lookout for matchups on the IFC Screenshot League to see even better pics!

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Those TBM shots are just amazing 🤩🤩🥵🥵🥵🙌…

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I’m sorry is this some cool joke that I’m to uncool to understand

Great photos

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That means “Details”
Anyways thanks!

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Thank you!

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Airbus No. 2: please have your air sickness bags ready.

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But anyways thanks!


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Fun fact:
Airbus No. 2 never landed