Screenshot saving trouble [Android] [Build 987/989]

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20.2 (987)

Device Information

Samsung Galaxy A21S
Android 10


Hello! Why my screenshots is not saving into gallery? App permission granted…

Do you have a folder in albums (and the system) named ‘Infinite Flight’? Have you tried reinstalling IF?

I’ve had this issue recently. All things are correct, and am also having issues importing replays.

Galaxy A70
Android 10
20.02 (987)

Reinstall - 2 times.
Albums - have, but i tried, delete and e.t.c.

Unable to repro this.

Did you check through file manager/explorer app?

Go to Internal Storage/Pictures and check Infinite Flight folder.

IF 20.02 (987) Android 10
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Security patch: Sep 2020

yes I did, I checked it… im not too dumb as you think😅😂

Having the same issue, in beta my replay screenshots are no longer saving to my gallery.

I’ve done a search on the forum about the issue and have done all the checks I can find, I’ve checked and IF does have permission for storage, I’ve reinstalled IF a couple of times I’ve lowered the quality of the screenshots, I’ve restarted my device several times and still no joy.

I’ve reinstalled the public version of IF and I have no issues with the replay screenshots they save to my device no problem.

Samsung S9+
Android 10
IF version 20.02


Game updated to build 989.
Android 10.
Samsung A21S
Still can’t save pictures.

The issue has been found and a fix is being worked on.

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Great news 🙂

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Finally!!! Thanks!!!

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Good news, since I now am affected as well.
S20 FE build 989.

You have same problem?

Yes, from the latest build…

Thanks. It is being looked into.

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