Screenshot rendering problems!

So been takin few screenshots and noticed 3 annoying things:

  1. The moon continuously moves even when the replay is paused so framing a nice shot takes lots of effort and is hit or miss.

  2. The moon in the final rendered shot does not appear at all…I have been hearing about this issue since 2 years and no action has been taken since then.

  1. There’s a dark square box in top left corner of screenshot which I think is like a big pixel when rendering a screenshot !! Here’s one photo for reference but this happened to 5/10 photos I took

I hope this brings developer’s attention and they fix these issues so we can take good shots consistently… :)

Device: iPad Air 4 (2020 Model)
Operating system: iPadOS 15.5

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Hey there!

The first issue: time doesn’t freeze when you pause the replay, it continues to tick and, therefore, the sun and moon move.

The second issue: It’s been a known issue for a while now, as you mentioned. A fix is yet to come out for that, but there is a workaround to take screenshots with the moon visible: tap and hold anywhere on your screen for around 5 seconds to hide the UI and take a screenshot from your device (natively, not using the screenshot feature in IF). Once you’re done, tap and hold again to make the UI reappear.

The third issue: Known issue as well, it’s being investigated. You can work around it by either repeating the steps for the issue above, or setting the screenshot resolution to 1x instead of the standard 4x by going into IF’s Settings → General → Screenshot Resolution scale (At the very bottom).

Hope this helps!


Yeah these are the only alternatives for now !! Let’s hope for the hot fix of these things…

I just want to add onto what AviatorAlex has mentioned above.

This issue is related to the atmospheric interactions within the graphics pipeline. It’s an issue that only occurs with the first frame of an image that’s stitched when taken with a rendering resolution that’s greater than 1× (ie: 2×, 4× and potentially higher on developer builds).

Given that images that are taken through screenshots are stitched from the left to right, top to bottom, the first frame can always be found on the top-left corner of every image. This seems to only affect the quality of the screenshot when the sun is positioned away from solar noon, with the most pronounced effects coming during dawn or dusk.

From what I have been able to gather, this effect gets noticeably worse when you’re looking directly at light sources, that being the sun, moon, or lit buildings when conditions are dark enough.

There are several ways to mitigate this problem, most of which include lowering your screenshot resolutions to 1× as no image stitching is required and therefore the issue would not be present. Alternatively, if you are able to work smart enough, you can always raise your screenshotting resolution to 4× and work with a safe zone around the box. You can then crop the image to remove the box and maintain the resolution at a cost of a smaller image overall.

This is an issue that the staff are well aware of and are actively working on a fix. Though no timeline has been given, as is the case with most, if not all other development-related items, you can be sure that it will eventually be resolved in a future update.


Thanks for providing in depth information about what’s really happening !! I’ll be shooting by keeping all the points you mentioned in my mind till the fix releases !!

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