Screenshot problems in solo mode

hey there!

I’ve been trying to take some moonshots and scenic shots in solo mode. I position the aircraft correctly but whenever I snap a screenshot, it comes at a very different angle.

For example, that happens.

If anyone knows what I can do to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it.

~ @Texan

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Try moving time just a bit forward and then back again. Arrows will probably be better for that, as I think they move time forwards or backwards for a set amount of time


I’ve tried that just now, doesn’t work…

This is a problem I also have, with moonshots. The moon changes, so I have to use apple screenshot feature for moonshots, leading to terrible quality.

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I personally find that the moon snaps to a somewhat pre-determined position, I don’t know if it’s to the nearest 5,10, or 2 minutes, but its enough to make the moon move a significant amount. Best bet is to angle the shot so the aircraft is in front of the moon in the second picture. It should come out fine.

so if its not in front of the moon, where should It be?

Usually, I go to time in the pause menu and then set to current time and realign after

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Let me try that.

Find an angle you like and get set up. By the time you are ready, the moon will have moved a bit. Move the time back until the moon aligns with the plane and immediately take the screenshot

That’s how I got my pfp

Shoot as if the moon was in this exact position. It should move a lot less.

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It is in the exact position here… it was just moving?

Did you angle the aircraft to be in front of the moon in that position?


Okay, try moving the moon back to the time, and keep the angle as is.

What do you mean “back to the time”?

Turn back time so that the moon was in the first position, then shoot.

I get what you’re saying, I did that and it still came out “Delayed”.

Whenever you move away from your aircraft to get a big sized moon, that takes time, in which the moon moves, so you’ll have to move them moon back with the ‘Time’ slider, so that it is aligned with the aircraft again

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and like someone else said, immediately take the shot?