Screenshot problem

when I want to take a Screenshot of IF I push the Power-Button and the Home-Button. (on Galaxy Tab S3)

But all of my Screenshots in IF are blurred.

How can I solve this?



Could you please show us an example of what you mean by “blurred”?


I posted a picture here on the forum.
Here is the link:

Here you can see that th screenshot is not really sharp

What are your graphics settings?

Sometimes screenshots dont need to be sharp if you want it sharp just edit it

Hey there buddy… Your image looks pretty normal to me. The image quality will be identical to how it is in the app, perhaps it’s just the app you are using to view it. Do you find the lack of sharpness in the default images application of are you using third party applications to view the images?

My graphics setting are all at the highest possible adjustment.

On my tab s3 I view the photos with the photo program by Samsung and on my PC with the Windows photo app

Ok, do you normally have anti-alising on (or whatever it’s called)?
The screenshot should look exactly the same as when you took it. If you took it at an angle when the lines on the aircraft looked choppy like that, then the screenshot will be forever stuck like that.

Yeah, I have activated anti-alising since I started to play IF

That’s weird, it might just be a problem with the tablet, or it might not, idk.
However, I have one thing we can try. Try taking a screenshot zoomed as much into the plane (in Normal camera view) as possible. Then zoom out a little and take another screenshot. Keep doing that until you’ve zoomed out as much as the Normal camera view allows.
Make sure your graphics settings haven’t changed from when you took the screenshot above.

Most to All screenshots come out like that for me. You could probably use editing apps on the play store such as Lightroom (Its Free) to make your photos to look like Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread] - #6210 by anon7075715 this.

What device do you use?
I looked up his device, and if it’s running at max graphics, it should look very, very nice on his device. There shouldn’t be any pixelation like we’re seeing.

I use an LG tablet 8.0 running on Medium settings. I also have an Ipad Air 2

Yeah, the LG Tablet 8.0 has a screen resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, which is around the realm of 720p. However, the Galaxy Tab S3 has a resolution of 2048 x 1536. Even though the display on the Galaxy Tab is larger, I think overall the quality should still look very good, at least better than the way the screenshot looks. The Tab S3’s display is better than Full HD (1080P).

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