Screenshot Mode

My idea is that there should be a button for screenshots added into the simulator. When touching this button, IF will make a screenshot without any of the autopilot buttons, the HUD, the bar at the bottom, … A simple and plain picture of the aircraft and the surroundings.

Picture 1: Normal screenshot
Picture 2: How it should look like.

I cut away the HUD in picture 2. This works, but it kinda ruins the quality of the picture.

Hmm, this seems like a nice idea. I’ve had to crop out the bar at the bottom and stuff loads of times, and it’s really annoying.

It does sound like a good idea, (Don’t forget to vote for you own thing)

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Great idea! Voting right now.

Would they then be sent to photos? This idea would make things easier I do agree but I think it is a little too much effort to develop for something that already exists

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Small but nice idea sometimes annoying have to press 2 buttons mid flight sometimes going to homescreen or lock screen and wait for hud to go away


Oh ok, I’ll remove my comment

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You know that you can turn off the interface right? I might be missing something here haha.

In case I’m not have a look under settings in the app then it’s something like hide hud after X seconds.

Not the exact wording as no IF on this device but have a look that way.


His offer is that when you’re screenshot, it cuts away the HUD for you, no matter what the UUD settings are at. Correct me if I’m wrong.

This may be nice, but we can already take pictures without the HUD… just set Interface Timeout to 2 Seconds (or more, just not Never), and check Hide Status Bar.

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I like your idea but you can set in settings for the hud to go after 2 secs and to get rid of the status bar

We’ve seen a few of the same responses people. If you don’t like it, don’t vote for it. I think the point has been made about the settings.


Great idea! This would also be useful for video, when you are trying to use the “free cam” and the buttons pop up.

Sorry man didn’t see the other ones:(

You’ve got my vote, we certainly need a button which can get rid off all the HUD without going into the settings every time.

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This button I believe should be the top left corner. Even though there’s nothing there, I would like to double-tap that area and the HUD/GUI is gone. Double tap it again and it’s back.

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I’d like to see something along these lines in which the interface is entirely gone. This would be nice for videos.


This only has 3 votes? This needs more. Especially if it could do it for videos as well.

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This would be a nice feature to have so know one has to edit the photo

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I just found out you can make the bar at the bottom time out when the GUI does. It’s under the general settings.