Screenshot @KLAX w/ Airbus A380 (Qantas)

Flight Information:

Route: KLAX TRTON DARRK FIXIT IKAYE RIZIN 3424N/11945W OINGO DINTY 3333N/12802W 3323N/13049W 3238N/13612W 3129N/14231W 2956N/14831W 2807N/15345W 2605N/15759W 2557N/15811W 2345N/16121W 2145N/16339W 2129N/16355W 1826N/16647W 1540N/16847W 1112N/17134W 858N/17300W 509N/17546W 051N/17849W 050S/18000W 347S/17756E 907S/17356E 1235S/17129E 1456S/16954E 1923S/16604E 2158S/16412E 2347S/16300E 2418S/16239E 2814S/15931E JORDY 3353S/15250E RIKNI MARLN BIKUS ANKUB YSSY

Please note that the route may change when attempted

Estimated Flight time: 14 hours, 00 minutes

Fuel required: 214,890kgs

Cruise Speed: 0.85 Mach

Cruise Altitude: 32,000ft (No Step Climbs)

A/C: A380-800 (Qantas)

Photo Below!


I believe I saw you there yesterday I was British Airways 777-200ER

Amazing shot!

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also note that you don’t need to paste your whole FPL in the route section 😂


This photo was shot about a week ago

thank you for posting the flight plan!!
that’s a blessing to try the route with ❤️

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it’s helpful it’s a great flight plan

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