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Hello everyone,

yesterday, I was executing Avelo Airlines flight 101, on a Boeing 737-800, when, shortly after departure, I noticed that there was a beautiful sunset. So I took a picture to post in the Screenshots and Videos category, but, just as I was taking the picture, the plane stopped moving and 10 seconds later the game crashed.


Hello @whyevenbothernaming, 👋

This has been happening to an abundence of flyers and controllers for the past year, they best way to get that screenshot would be to, go into your replay’s and capture it. The replay was captured all the way until the crash.


Honestly, the main thing isn’t the screenshot-the picture saved anyway. More importantly, I did lose my flight, which was quite frustrating, all I want to know is if taking the screenshot was the cause of the crash, or if it was simply a coincidence.

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Yup happens, all the time, my game once crashed after a 11 hour flight right on final.

But I can say it’s getting better along the way.

Did you crash while taking a screenshot?

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Well I was doing a manuel landing.

Hmm, that’s weird. I take screenshots mid-flight, and nothing happens. Everything is normal. Maybe it is your storage? Or just typical lag?

A crash while taking a screenshot shouldn’t happen.

Several issue with crashes have already been fixed.
These fixed will be available in the next official update.

Which device are you using?

iPhone 12.

It seems it has 4Gb of RAM.

Did you have a lot of apps open at the time?

Can you repro the issue by taking screenshots in a similar situation?

On my phone I usually close all the non-necessary apps before starting a flight. On the iPad I usually don’t have to.

Sure, I’ll try that. Do you want me to replicate the exact same situation or have differences in aircraft, location and amount of traffic?

A similar situation in terms of resources being used on your device would be ideal.

It could be just a one-off.
It could also be that the device ran out of RAM.
In that case it would help if the situation could be reproduced.

You could even have more apps running in the background to see if an app crash can be forced.

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